• Air Mouse is a 4 in 1 slim universal remote for your PC, tablet or streaming devices
  • A perfect accessory for people who needs a simple universal remote to control your TV's basic functions and your streaming device all-in-one.
  • Air Mouse can be programmed with multiple devices using IR learning technology
  • Full Touchpad + IR Learning (program your TV functions with remote)
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology, provides distance up to 15m
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, provides 6 hours working time
  • The remote sets wireless keyboard & mouse 6-axis somatosensory and infrared remote controller in one device
  • Motion sensor technology allows the air mouse to be controlled by waving the remote controller, the transmission distance up to 15m away and 360 degree, which is convenient to operate in horizontal and vertical mode for games and typing
  • Compatible with a range of devices such as PC, Android TV box, STB, projectors and much more
  • Universal remote with IR learning You can program the keys on this remote for IR learning. Also, the 3 gyro and 3 G-sensor technology makes it easy for you to play games or type in either vertical or horizontal mode.
  • Plug and play No need to install any drivers, just pop in the batteries, stick the USB dongle into your device and you're ready to go

Wireless Chargeable Air Mouse + Keypad and IR Learning Remote