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What parents need to know about live streaming?

With the rise of live streaming platforms, there are many opportunities and risks that children are facing. The parents need to aware about many things and how to talk to their child about live streaming. In this blog, some of the points are mentioned which are kept in mind when telling children about live Canadian English streaming.

What actually live streaming is?

Live streaming is the broadcasting of real-time, live video to an audience over the internet. All you need to watch these videos is an internet enabled device, tablet, smart Phone and a platform to broadcast on.

Why are live streaming platforms so famous?

Live streaming is appealing to the youth as it gives the chance to be a creator, a presenter and to be seen by the potentially huge audience. With the rise of live streaming platforms, other more conventional social media platforms have branched out into the world of live streaming.

What are the opportunities and limitations?

The inspiration to live stream takes its lead from reality TV and YouTube, but the thing is that it is unedited, uncensored, and unrehearsed. It can be used in a positive manner as it can be a campaigning tool, showcase talent, make identity and produce skills in communication. It is used to think about young people’s development stages.

Parents should be aware of these points:

1. The application is only available on iPhone.

2. Allows people to live stream and broadcast what they are doing at any given time. As it is live, the content is not that moderated so adults are able to talk directly to your child.

3. Videos can be published to official Live.me website for greater exposure.

4. You can earn money via live chatting on the app.

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