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How to enhance the quality ofTV streaming

If you have experiencedthe low resolution, slow loading, and playback pauses while streaming Amazon Video, Netflix, or Hulu it is not important the service’s fault. It could be your connection. There are some easy steps to enhance the connection on your TV, streaming product or game console. The faster the net, the best the quality of Canada Desi TV streamingwill be.

1. Upgrade speed of your internet

The speed of your internet will be at least 15 Mbps for 4K streaming, you want a lot more than that. So, the upgradationof the internet speed is so much important.

2. Upgrade your router/hub

The Wi-Fi router that you get for free is terrible. Some providers charge for therouters, so you could save some money long-term by purchasing a good one outright and reducing your bill a bit each month.

3. Switch to Ethernet

Wi-Fi can be quite slow. Ethernet is a lot faster and doesn’t have problems with walls, distance or interference. It offers the most reliable connection.

4. Kick the kids

Think of your connection as a pipe full of water. There is so much water to go around. If you are trying to stream in the living room, but the rest of the family is trying to stream in other rooms. Everyone will have problems.

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