Membership Packages

Memebrship prices are (as of Jan. 2020):

  • 1 Month =   $15/month

  • 3 Months = $13/month ($39)

  • 6 Months = $12/month ($72)

  • 1 Year =      $10/month ($120)


* All prices are excluding GST 

Membership Payment Rules for Bank E-Transfer:

  • We do not accept bank e-transfer for less than 3 months of membership payment.

  • Please call us or visit our store If you need to buy membership for less than 3 months.

  • You MUST send us an email at after your transfer is successfully completed. Please let us know the following information so we can track your payment and activate your account.

    • Full Name on the membership Account ​ 

    • Transfer reference number

    • Payment Amount and total months paid for

    • Service Name

  • You can call us @ 403.452.9892 during our business hours to inquire about your membership status. ​

  • Your account will not be activated if you don't inform us about your payment through an email or call us and talk to our sales associate. Please expect 24hrs-48hrs for activation time after you made the e-transfer payment.


We provide the following services to our valued customers. Please call us at 403.452.9892 if you have any questions.


  • Home Delievery  (only available in Calgary)

    • North East :  $ 14.00

    • North West : $ 16.00

    • South East / South West : $19.00

  • Home Installation  (only available in Calgary) : $ 50.00

  • Shipping: 

    • Canada: $18.00  (standard, 5-10 business days)

    • USA: $39.00  (DHL 2-3 business days)

    • International: Please call

    • Express shipping: Please call


All above charges are non-refundable 



GurooBox only sells hardware devices and does not own, operate, host or associate with any IPTV services. The membership fee is to provide software and hardware support and customer service to our paid customers only.